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To Whom It May Concern:


Over the past 3 years I have had the pleasure of working
directly with Steve Blonstein as he has assisted my two National Account
Managers and myself in sourcing over 7 outside sales reps and 1 inside sales
rep. The best way to describe the services and talents of Steve is to detail
how he was able to become the number 1 or only recruiter that we use for all
our sales & services recruiting.


ALK Abello has used many other firms in the past prior to
Steve Blonstein, but the reason we decided to primarily use his services is
that he was able to get direct access to me and convince me that he could get
us quality candidates even though I travel over 90% of the time and had no
interest in having another recruiter. His tenacity and ability to build
relationships within any organization to either get to a decision maker or
source out key talent exemplifies why we have decided that he is our recruiter
of choice.


Most recruiters are just putting bodies into positions and
are not strategically looking out for both parties in the transaction. Steve
actually cares, shows interest in the business strategy, and is interested in a
long-term business relationship not just filling one position, but rather
establishing a consistent record of sourcing long term candidates. These
candidates do not only meet the current position specs but have the potential
to grow within our organization since Steve sources talent based on strategic
issues not just tactical reasons.


I highly recommend that if your organization is interested
in a recruiter that can give you specialized attention and shorten the
recruiting timeframe while at the same time maximizing the quality of the
candidates with a long term focus rather than a onetime body filling mentality
you should work with Steve Blonstein.

Jorge Alderette

VP Sales and Service

ALK Abello USA